Combining over 17 years of design experience with colour remedies 
to compose intuitive patterns, moodboards, artwork and workshops for you! Join us on this creative journey and watch our stories unfold!

Welcome to Colour Alchemy!

The fusion of Design, Colour & Intuition

Soft Furnishings

We are textile designers infusing our love of colour in all we create: from surface pattern for home decorto much more.

  Styling with Intuitive Colour   

Serenvida provides colour compositions, artwork & styling solutions for your interior or exterior spaces.

You'll find samples here; or if you're ready to book a consultation, workshop or commission artwork now, scroll below! 

Illustrative Work

As designers and artists, we're versatile. Go ahead and have a peek at our artwork and patterns with illustrative leanings...

Creative Colour

 Solutions & Workshops

Discover how to infuse any project with intuitive colour:  We create highly individual colourboards, moodboards,  colourscapes  or prop styled photos infused with colour. We also offer intuitive workshops that are truly  inspiring. Let us be your guides!