What is Intuitive Colour?

At Serenvida, we are all about colour for living: on your walls and accessories, via textiles, colourscapes/artwork, colour meditations or in bespoke colour and creativity gatherings. My illustrations are filled with colour too!  It's all about enjoying a contented life. 


And what about intuitive colour? It is colour that is insightful on more than one level.  We can help you if you want to know how to combine colours effectively, but you may also wish to know how the colour choices for your space affect your energy. ...Or you may simply want our textiles/art, or to bring more colour, creativity and intuition into your life.  We have the background to assist with this too!

Serenvida is not here to be prescriptive; It's truly all about your space or needs, and how we can tailor our colour/design/creativity ideas to uplift, calm, energise or restore.  Colour is potent energy and by tapping into its potential, together we can create an outcome that fulfils both your energetic and  design desires.   While you're here, you can check out our first Serenvida audio-visual chakra colour meditation, with the music of Balakhilya Das (www.Balakhilya.com).

  • Elevate your colleagues, staff, friends or family with an intuitive colour and expressive workshop, including a colour-infused meditation: transformative. 

  • Light up your little boy's den with aloe green walls and sprinkle it with our patterns & home decor.

  • Let us create zen colourscapes, artwork or colour/style compositions for your space.

Scroll below for our colour stories on The

Magpie Anthology site!  If you want to experience energy and colour, check out our brand new chakra colour meditation with our

designs in corresponding chakra colours!  We aim to soothe and uplift!